Mesa Park Audio Mixer 3.0

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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Mix up to a total of eight audios and edit them freely"

Mixing a maximum of eight audio files at a time is possible with Mesa Park Audio Mixer, a very versatile mixer that supports both WAV and MP3 format tracks, which can be converted. The quality is maximum and you have a metronome so that the tempos are the right ones, giving you the possibility of freely using the editing tools to modify the sounds.

Generally, mixers that support so many simultaneous audio streams are difficult to use, but you'll find it easy and intuitive at all times even if you choose to transform and edit your tracks. The program includes a multitude of filters with which it is possible to introduce the classic echo effect and add the reverb.

Before you start with Mesa Park Audio Mixer mixes, you can easily choose the hard disk files to be processed, which can be imported directly by selecting the CD on which they are burned.

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